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Delegates' Comment - Miquel Mas de les Valls and Vikas Dahiya (Accord Healthcare Ltd)

„We are attending euroPLX since several years because we are very satisfied with the attendants’ profiles, which across each year’s events are fairly representative of the pharma licensing industry, as well as with its format which allows to hold short but numerous meetings in the same space in a couple of days. In euroPLX we find a good set of business opportunities arise and several come to crystalize.”

Miquel Mas de les Valls (right) is Head of Licensing & Project Management, Europe, and  Vikas Dahiya is Portfolio Manager of Accord Healthcare Ltd, a young and dynamic pharmaceutical company, which is focused on the sales and marketing of medicinal products in over 50 markets around the world. Commercially active in over 30 European countries Accord is one of only a few truly pan-European generic players, with a vision of becoming one of the best known names in generic pharmaceuticals in both the hospital and retail channels.

Miquel Mas de les Valls and Vikas Dahiya

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Delegates' Comments

„…a good set of business opportunities…“
Miquel Mas de les Valls and Vikas Dahiya

"…results that would never have been achieved otherwise."
Larry Hay

"…euroPLX is a superb premium event…"
Anıl Okay and Cengiz Zaim

"…we have used and trusted the euroPLX platform…"
Denis Asmar-Kristiansen and Gediminas Katunskis

"…the most effective way to explore new opportunities…"
Silvia Ferlin and Diego Ingrassia

"…an opportunity to share and learn…"
Jordi Sarra

"…our most important business development tool…"
Mohammed Alkraida and Dr. Islam Alayary

"…most effective tool for business development…"
Ray Yang

"We have concluded a number of deals…"
George Th. Liolios and Xanthippos Xanthakis

"…euroPLX meetings have been a vital part of our product sourcing strategy…"
Petter Homdrum

"…the best value for money event for the licensing community…"
Andreas Loizou

"…the most important tool for our business development…"
Dr. Islam Alayary and Dr. Mohamed Alfadli

"…excellent format for finding new business opportunities…"
Joan and Steve Short

"…two pleasant days in a very supportive atmosphere…"
Liana Naim

"…the most effective Business Development tool I use…"
Nickolay Javoronkov

"…an enjoyable occasion to meet up with new companies."
Dr. Richard Sewalt and Siedo Bron

"…euroPLX is an ideal platform to extend our base…"
Ruud Koolen and Esther Kranenburg

"…euroPLX is an important business development tool."
Michael Winstrøm

"…euroPLX is a rare and reputable place where the right people meet."
Valery Tupolev

"…I've never left a euroPLX without new business challenges…"
Akis Chondrogiannis

"…have achieved a number of successful deal outcomes…"
Paul Phull

"…four times as much for half the price…"
Anke Rau and Dr. Norbert Rau

"euroPLX is sometimes tough and intense…"
Sebastien Sanial and Malgorzata Derewianka

"We were Platinum Sponsors of euroPLX 49 Istanbul, because…"
Rich DiCicco

"We became a returning attendee as we've never left empty-handed…"
Kees Trommelen

"…get focused on the business...just business!"
Dragan Lutz and Mario Vlasic

"I have successfully used the euroPLX meetings for licensing-in and licensing-out…"
Dr. Satyendra Kumar

"…meet your business partners at the well organized events…"
Peter van Hoogstraten and Paul C. Borghouts

"…a highly effective and pleasant way to meet…"
Ronald Kriek and Wouter Hanegraaf

"…interact with so many companies…"
Simona Aganovic and Guy Clark

"We get value for our money…"
Vilas Nagare and Sundeep V. Bambolkar

"It’s the best partnering event…"
Jinang Parekh and Vijay Agarwal

"…the only partnering conference that covers all aspects of business development…"
Dr. Hubert Ridolphi and Dr. Gerrit Hagens

"...good place to expand your international network..."
Ramon Brusco

"…one of the few events which attracts a cross section of attendees from all pharmaceutical sectors…"
Daniel Jones

"…the best time and cost effective way to meet new partners."
Nuray Acar and Mutlu Topal

"There is no end to new challenges at euroPLX"
Ruud Koolen

"…a basis for excellent business."
Ana Paula Branco and José Roberto Pereira

"euroPLX is the most cost-effective and time-saving way…"
David Zubeldía

"…good opportunity for meeting with many relevant players…"
Dietmar Jannaschk and Gemma Mogas

"…euroPLX is the perfect place…"
Gustavo Samojeden and Hernán Bouzada

"…efficient and fruitful one-to-one discussions…"
Sylvie Fondanayche

"We are not aware of any other event where you can meet so many interesting partners…"
Holger and Kai Schleenhain

"I rate euroPLX very high…"
Reynhardt Van As

"euroPLX is the best pharma meeting…"
Santiago, Mar, and Josémaria Calzada

"…very good opportunity to meet existing and new business partners…"
Agnes Olszanowski and Dr. Marian Takac

"I never leave euroPLX empty-handed."
Wendell Clayton

"…the best possible way to contact a large number of people…" Shala Fardaei and Ineke Braat

"It was in this forum that we forged some of our major alliances…" Nimit Jhaveri and Biplab Kar

"…we have made a lot of money on euroPLX deals…"
Rich DiCicco

"…an ideal opportunity to meet…"
Andreas Wagner & Michel Blanc

"…extremely time and cost efficient way to make new business contacts…"
Wolfgang Bäurle

"euroPLX is the most efficient event I know…"
Patsy Carney

"…the most efficient of the Business Development forums…"
Roland Brown

"…a tremendous opportunity to network intensely…"
Elzbieta Weston & Jacek Plucienniczak


12 May 2014
Success at a partnering conference depends on preparation and pre-conference information exchange, but few events provide the tools for that. read more
1 April 2014
27.6 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings for each of the 200 participating companies of euroPLX 54 Lisbon sets another benchmark for pharma partnering read more
1 March 2014
More than one third of the delegates attending euroPLX 54 Lisbon are top level executives, about half are managers with decision responsibility. read more
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