1. What is euroPLX?

What is euroPLX ?

Previously known as European Pharma License Exchange, euroPLX is an international negotiation platform for pharma and biopharma decision makers who are in charge of business development and licensing in and out of

  • approved patented or generic drugs (incl. biosimilars)
  • early to late stage (ph. I and up) drug developments
  • OTC drugs and dietary supplements
  • medical devices
  • technologies applicable to marketed drugs or late stage drug developments.

euroPLX is organised in periodic events which last several months each, culminating in a conference after an extensive period of partnering information exchange. Typical attendees include CEOs, owners of medium-sized drug producers, vice presidents, directors, managers with decision power, and some trainees.

euroPLX period feature a scope of collaborative agreements from development to licensing, marketing, promotion, and distribution.

In addition, attending companies frequently offer or look for R&D services, supporting technologies (drug delivery, medical devices), contract manufacture, and, to some extent, the supply of APIs and intermediates.

The actual focus of each euroPLX period is determined by the participating companies’ business interests and is displayed as a "Dynamic Partnering Focus" on www.europlx.com as delegates submit the necessary data.

The frequency (3 times per year) of euroPLX provides a time-to-market oriented instrument to follow up on negotiations in a timely manner.

What is so special about euroPLX?

Their focus on people, purpose, and effectiveness:

  • Only Business Developers and Licensing Executives, or Brokers/Consultants with a clear mandate are accepted. Strictly no other participants.
  • Online business development starts right after registration and continues long after the conference.
  • Its conferences focus on business appointments only. No lectures, presentations, keynotes, and other distracting features.
  • With 25-30 pre-scheduled appointments per 2-day event, euroPLX Conferences are more efficient than other partnering events, resulting in higher effectiveness of our clients’ attendance.