2. Global Audience!

Is euroPLX just for European companies?

No, it isn't. euroPLX is truely global in scope with delegates from more than 80 countries having attended, from all over Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Oceania. The business between European and non-European companies is even given particular emphasis.

How come mainstream partnering events have a larger audience than euroPLX Partnering Conferences?

Because mainstream partnering events have no people focus: government people, consultants, head-hunters, investment bankers, press and other non-core audience are allowed to attend, taking away your time for serious, targeted collaboration business.

euroPLX is strictly limited to executives in charge of business development and licensing. Consultants/brokers with clear and proven mandates or investments in own products or developments are also admitted.

What if a person registers that does not belong to the core group of business development or licensing executives?

euroPLX will not accept the registration. An exception is made for license brokers or consultants if (a) they can prove that they have an ongoing mandate by a pharma client to in-license or out-license a product or technology, or (b) they have invested in own product rights which they seek to sell.

What if a delegate of a company other than pharma or biopharma registers?

If we receive an registration of a company that is unknown to us, we will verify the nature of its business. If we cannot find evidence that the company is a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical developer, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, intermediates supplier, or technology provider, euroPLX will regret not to accept the registration.