3. Pre-Conference Value

What if I’m not sure whether I’ll find suitable partners at euroPLX?

www.europlx.com displays a list of registered companies which is updated automatically. euroPLX user account holders can log in and search the available partnering information for keywords without registering for a conference; the system will display the nunber of hits.

As a registrant, how do I know what the other companies offer or look for, and how do they know what I offer or look for?

During the period prior to the conference all registered companies provide and exchange non-confidential partnering information on the business opportunities which they offer and/or look for. Registrants of a euroPLX period can access the “Other Delegates' Interests” through their own user accounts.

How can I access the business opportunities offered by the other delegates?

After confirmed registration and activated online access, registrants log in to www.europlx.com with their user account data to see the link to the "Other Delegates' Interests". The "Other Delegates' Interests" page lists all registered companies along with their partnering information as submitted by its delegates.

Interesting "Other Delegates' Interests" can be marked "Favourite". Later on, when you request your appointments, you have the option of displaying only marked companies for easier selection.

How can I choose my meeting partners and make sure that I meet my important choices?

euroPLX Partnering Conferences are the only partnering event that combines a priority-based selection which ensures the scheduling of important choices, with a subsequent ask-and-accept procedure that lets Registrants complete their schedules and fill gaps.

1. euroPLX Priority: The first phase starts right after the registration deadline. Registrants may select up to 12 priority meetings  and rank the choices according to importance.

Appointments that have been requested in the euroPLX Priority phase must be accepted by the other party (reciprocity rule), who can, however, ask the requesting delegate to verify the request and eventually withdraw it if it should turn out that there is no common basis for business.

2. euroPLX Run!: During the second phase, each Registrant has access to a working schedule and can request additional appointments in order to complete his or her schedule. This is done by an ask-and-accept procedure, i.e. the requested party is notified by an email from the system and can either accept or deny the request.

Up to 12 requests in the Priority phase, additional requests in the Run! phase, and the counter-requests of other companies make up an average of 25 to 30 scheduled appointments per participating company.

When will I be able to download my final
appointments schedule?

On the Thursday morning prior to the conference Registrants are notified by e-mail that their individual PDF schedules are ready for downloading.

Can I contact my meeting partners before I meet them?

Yes. euroPLX provides registrants with the opportunity to interact with others long before the conference, which is only the culminating point of the participants’ interaction. euroPLX provides registrants with several tools to communicate with the other registrants during the run-up to the conference and to manage their partnering objectives.

What about accommodation and travel costs?

Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs. However, our hotel partners usually offer preferential rates until a cut-off date approx. 3-4 weeks before the event as specified in the "Fee and Conditions" of each euroPLX Partnering Conference.