4. Conference Structure

What is the duration of a euroPLX Partnering Conference, what time does it start and end?

The Partnering Conference provides a session time frame of 2 days, starting in the morning of the first day at 09:00h and ending in the afternoon of the second at 16:30h. See also the "Detailed Programme" in each euroPLX section.

A registrant's individual schedule, however, may start later and end earlier. Also, the euroPLX scheduling system is flexible as to consider a registrant's late arrival on the first day or early departure on the second day.

The Core Session, during which the presence of each registrant is required and obligatory, starts at 14:00h on the first day and ends at 12:00h on the second day.

Each one-on-one meeting last 30 minutes.

What about ad hoc contacts?

In addition to the “official” time frame, euroPLX provides an opportunity for informal and ad hoc contacts outside the regular session times, during lunch, dinner, etc. Meetings that have been arranged privately between participants are also supported by euroPLX services.

Are there lectures or company presentations at the euroPLX
Partnering Conferences?

No. euroPLX attendees predominantly believe that listening to presentations is a waste of time if they can have the same information online, and the details in personal encounters.

Therefore: no lectures, no presentations, just business.

Should I attend the Networking Dinner Buffet?

Highly recommended! It is included in the registration fee. Attendees say it’s just great. The euroPLX Networking Dinner Buffet (attire: business suit or smart casual) takes place in the evening of the first day and has become a renowned opportunity for informal contacts.

What if I have special meal requirements?

There is quite some variation between the hotels’ capabilities to cater for the meal requirements of different cultures. However, as a general rule, we order food which does not contain pork items and rarely any beef (just poultry and seafood). We also ask the hotel to label all dishes.

Vegetarian food is usually not much of a problem although the hotel personnel’s understanding of “vegetarian” may differ from what vegetarians are used to. Nevertheless, we aim to include up to 40% vegetarian items, which is not easy in typical meat-eating countries.

Kosher food is generally not much of a problem either provided it is ordered at least 10 days prior to the conference. Hotels are used to these requirements and order the food individually from an external, approved source.

In any case, if you have special meal requirements, please inform us well in advance.