5. We deliver...!

How does RauCon manage to meet 80 to 90% of all appointments requests?

RauCon is regularly able to accommodate 80 to 90% of all requests. This is achieved by a unique match-making and scheduling method, supported by an IT-based, proprietary partnering and scheduling system that RauCon has designed, developed and refined over the years.

Do companies really have more than 25-29 scheduled appointments plus those scheduled on-site, plus ad hoc meetings…? How is that possible?

The average of 25-30 scheduled appointments per company is made up by scheduling a Registrant's own requests plus the request of others to meet the Registrant.

Focus and balance are critical for a euroPLX Partnering Conference. Only if a focused group of attendees share the right information within a focused range of topics, there will be enough reason to discuss business. And, of course, offers and requests must be balanced. RauCon actively intervenes during the registration process, if and when these prerequisites are not met.

By the way, an average of 25-30 or more pre-scheduled appointments means that some companies have 30 or more by going without a lunch break…

Why do other partnering events have a much lower number of one-on-one appointments?

Because only few organisers take the trouble to go through the process of pre-conference match-making. And even if they do, the conference design and their scheduling methods are inadequate to accommodate that many appointments.